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Berisades, brother of Cersobleptes, and co-heir to the kingdom left to them by their father Clodys, died. Charidemus, regent for young Cersobleptes, conceived for him, the design of excluding the children of the deceased prince from their inheritance. Charidemus went to the Athenians for support in his attempt to take over all of the Thracian territory once held by his father. Charidemus obtained an Athenian decree in his favor, sponsored by Aristocrates, for which he was unsuccessfully impeached, in a speech by Demosthenes.

The fallout from this speech by Demosthenes was that an allusion was made that Cersobleptes had been negotiating with Macedon king Philip II to ally with his and retake the Chersonese Peninsula from the Athenians. Because of this, Philip was travel access through the territory held by Amadocus. This caused Philip to become the enemy of Cersobleptes.

§Persian Empire

Mausolus, King and Persian satrap of Caria, dies and is succeeded in 352 BCE by Artemisia, his sister and wife.


The Phocians threaten Thessaly to their north. Philip II of Macedon sees his opportunity to penetrate south.

The Third Sacred War broke out in Greece, in the summer of 353. Philip II invaded Thessaly, defeating 7,000 Phocians under the brother of Onomarchus. The latter however defeated Philip in the two succeeding battles.

Clearchus, the tyrant of Heraclea, a Greek city on the Black Sea, is murdered by some of the city's citizens led by Chion after a reign of twelve years. Most of the conspirators are killed by the tyrant's body-guards upon the spot, while others are captured and put to death. Within a short time, the city falls under the rule of the new tyrant Satyrus, Clearchus' brother.


  • Clearchus of Heraclea, tyrant of Heraclea Pontica (assassinated) (b. c. 401 BC)
  • Iphicrates, Athenian general (b. c. 418 BC)
  • Mausolus, King and Persian satrap of Caria


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