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§World Weather

Both world temperatures and precipitation were higher than normal and rising year after year.

§Persian empire

Persia forces the Athenians to withdraw their general Chabrias from Egypt. Chabrias has been successfully supporting the Egyptian Pharaohs in maintaining their independence from the Persian Empire.


The Egyptian Pharaoh Hakor dies and is succeeded by his son Nepherites II, but he is overthrown by Nectanebo I within the year, ending the Twenty-ninth dynasty of Egypt. Nectanabo (or more properly Nekhtnebef) becomes the first Pharaoh of the Thirtieth dynasty of Egypt.


Cleombrotus I succeeds his brother Agesipolis I as king of Sparta.

What some historians call the Rich style in Greece comes to an end.

Year of the 100th Olympiad


Around this time, the settlement at Butrint was fortified with a new 870 metres long wall, with five gates, enclosing an area of four hectares.


  • King Darius III of Persia (d. 330 BC) (approximate date)
  • Pytheas, Greek explorer, who will explore northwestern Europe, including the British Isles (d. c. 310 BC) (approximate date)


  • Agesipolis I, king of Sparta
  • Philoxenus of Cythera, Greek dithyrambic poet (b. 435 BC)
  • Hakor, king of the Twenty-ninth dynasty of Egypt
  • Nefaarud II, son of Hakor and last king of the Twenty-ninth dynasty


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