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§Middle East

§Persian Empire

Darius I is the ruler

A Phoenician-manned Persian fleet restored Persian control of Cyprus.



The Athenian people elected Themistocles as archon, the chief judicial and civilian executive officer in Athens. He favoured resistance against the Persians.

Themistocles started construction of a fortified naval base at Piraeus, the port town of Athens.

Among the refugees arriving from Ionia after the collapse of the Ionian Revolt is a chief named Miltiades. He has a fine reputation as a soldier. Themistocles made him a general in the Athenian army.


Coriolanus captured the Volscian town of Corioli for Rome.

During his second consulate, the Roman consul Spurius Cassius Vecellinus concluded a mutual defence treaty with the surrounding Latin villages and tribes. The treaty recognised commercial contracts binding throughout their cities. Rome abandoned its claim to hegemony over the Latin League. In return, Rome was recognised as the dominant city in the League.


The battle of the Helorus River (c.493 BCE) saw Hippocrates, tyrant of Gela, defeat the army of Syracuse, but he was unable to capitalize on his victory by capturing the city.


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