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§Of World Interest

The estimated population of the World ranges between 190 and 206 million people. This is the same number estimated by experts for the previous 100 years.


Traders from southern Arabia settle in northern Ethiopia.


Arhab, Harra of volcano erupted.


Possible date for the Battle of Mons Badonicus: Romano-British and Celts defeat an Anglo-Saxon army that may have been led by the bretwalda Aelle of Sussex (approximate date; suggested dates range from 490 to 510). Note: This battle may have influenced the legend of King Arthur.

Possible date at which Fergus Mór begins his reign — the historicity of Mór is doubtful.

Approximate beginning of the Heptarchy period in the history of England.

Approximate year of the founding of the Kingdom of Essex.

The Frankish Kingdom is formed.

§Western Romain Empire (South of Modern France)

When Gundobad and Clovis were at war, Gundobad appears to have been betrayed by his brother Godegisel, who joined the Franks; together Godegisel's and Clovis' forces "crushed the army of Gundobad." (Marius a. 500; Gregory, II, 32) Gundobad was temporarily holed up in Avignon, but was able to re-muster his army and sacked Vienne, where Godegisel and many of his followers were put to death. From this point, Gundobad appears to have been the sole king of Burgundy. (e.g., Gregory, II, 33) This would imply that his brother Gundomar was already dead, though there are no specific mentions of the event in the sources.


Brigid founds Kildare about this time.


Approximate year that Benedict of Nursia (later St. Benedict) left his studies that would have made him a Roman noble. On his way from Enfide, Benedict met a monk, Romanus of Subiaco, whose monastery was on the mountain above the cliff overhanging the cave. Romanus had discussed with Benedict the purpose which had brought him to Subiaco, and had given him the monk's habit. By his advice Benedict became a hermit and for three years, unknown to men, lived in this cave above the lake.


Emperor Xuanwu of Northern Wei China becomes sovereign of the Northern Wei Dynasty.


A 650 year period of drought lasting until 1150 led to the abandonment of Catonia, a thriving city East of what is now Mexico City about 1050 CE

Uxmal is founded (approximate date).

The Maya city of Tikal becomes the first great Maya city, as citizens from Teotihuacan make their way to Tikal, introducing new ideas involving weaponry, captives, ritual practices and human sacrifice.

Birth rates in the American South West peaked about this time and led to a complete collapse by 1280 CE.



The monument of Ale's Stones is built in Sweden.


  • Zu Chongzhi, Chinese mathematician


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