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Oho Yamatohiko Sukitomo no Mikoto becomes the emperor of Japan until 476 BCE (presumed legendary).

§Greco-Roman Empires

Hippias, second son of Pisistratus and tyrant of Athens, is expelled by a popular revolt supported by Cleomenes I, King of Sparta and his forces.

End of reign of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, last king of the traditional seven Kings of Rome.

Rome throws off Etruscan rulers and the Roman Kingdom and establishes the Roman Republic.

Demaratus succeeds Ariston as king of Sparta. (approximate date)

Defeat and destruction of Sybaris.

510 BC–430 BC — Stelae were banned in Athenian cemeteries.

Dorieus, a Spartan prince, is expelled from Tripolitania.


Dorieus' Expedition to Sicily (c.510 BC) was an unsuccessful attempt by a band of Greek adventurers to capture the town of Eryx in western Sicily and use it as the basis of a new Greek city.

§Persia (Iran)

Twelfth year of the reign of Darius.


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