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§Scythia (Modern Baltic region)

After one year of preparations, the expeditionary force first gathered by Darius I on Cilicia in the spring of 490 BCE. The army boarded the Persian transports, escorted by the fleet, sailed to Samos and from there to Naxos. After a fruitless campaign there (the Naxians fled to the mountains of their island and the Persians became masters of a deserted city), it sailed at first across the Cyclades islands and then for Carystus on the south coast of Euboea, which quickly surrendered. From there, they sailed up the Euboean channel to Eretria where their aims became clear to the Greeks.



King Hel├╝ of Wu is the king of China.

§Persia (Iran)

Ninth year of the reign of Darius.


Lucius Tarquinius Superbus is the king of Rome


<< 514 BCE | 519-510 BCE | 512 BCE >>

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