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§Frankish Empire

Sigismund, son of Gundobad, becomes king of Burgundy. He was the son of king Gundobad, whom he succeeded.


Sixteen year old Theudebert (later Merovingian king of Austrasia) defeated a Danish army under King Chlochilaich (Hygelac of Beowulf) after it had raided northern Gaul.


In the Annales Cambriae, under the entry for 516, the Annales say that legendary King Arthur fought at Badon carrying "the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ on his shoulders for three days and three nights…", and emerged the victor. In the 12th century, Geoffrey of Monmouth followed these texts in describing Arthur's victory at Mons Badonicus in his influential pseudohistory Historia Regum Britanniae. Subsequently, this appeared in a number of medieval chronicles and romances. [Note that the stories of King Arthur are legendary and may or may not have basis in fact.]


  • November 6 - The Council of Tarragona is held.


  • Gundobad, king of the Burgundians
  • John, Coptic Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria
  • Oisc, King of Kent (possible date)


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