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Sadyates is king of Lydia.


Ancus Marcius is the king of Rome. He founded the port of Ostia, established salt-works and built a prison which was founded in 625 B.C. and was used to hold people until they decided what to do with them. Before this time, a popular punishment was to exile people.

It was not until the Roman period (about 625BC) that goose meat was mentioned as a distinct food and an efficient system was recorded for keeping geese.

§Middle East

Zoroaster, also known as Zarathustra, an early Persian prophet who founded the first world religion, Zoroastrianism, is a baby.

The Judeo-Christian book, Deuteronomy, is composed about this time and written down about 530 BCE.


About this time Nabopolassar, a Chaldean, asserts independence from Assyria and establishes a new dynasty in Babylon. Nabopolassar attacks Assyria, allying himself with the Medes - eastern neighbors of Assyria, and technically one of their vassal states.

§Modern Iran

Cyaxares, (625–585 BCE) became a ruler over the Median Empire.


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