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Philippicus incites a revolt against Justinian II, and upon the latter's death declares himself Byzantine emperor


Childebert II succeeded by his son, Dagobert III. He succeeded his father as the head of the three Frankish kingdoms—Neustria and Austrasia, unified since Pippin's victory at Tertry in 687, and the Kingdom of Burgundy—in 711, at the age of twelve. Real power, however, still remained with the Mayor of the Palace, Pippin of Herstal.


Marriage was held between Grimoald the Younger, the oldest son of Pepin, and Thiadsvind, the daughter of Radbod.

§Iberian peninsula (modern day Portugal and Spain)

April 30 - Ummayad troops led by Tariq ibn Ziyad land at Gibraltar and begin their invasion of the Iberian peninsula and conquest of the Visigoths. Córdoba was captured in 711 by an Arab/Berber Muslim army as was Granada. The Visigoths give half of the Basilica of San Vicente to the Arab conquerors.

An Islamic Arab and Berber raiding party, led by Tariq ibn-Ziyad, was sent to Iberia to intervene in a civil war in the Visigothic Kingdom. Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, they won a decisive victory in the summer of 711 when the Visigothic King Roderic was defeated by the Ummayad Moors and killed on July 19 at the Battle of Guadalete. Tariq's commander, Musa bin Nusair quickly crossed with substantial reinforcements.

Only the might of Charles Martel and the Pyrenees Mountains kept them from entering France, the heartland of Christendom at the time.

§South Asia


Arabs led by Muhammad bin Qasim invade India, establishing a sultanate in Sind. He brought Indian societies into contact with Islam. When he arrived Sindh had a multi religious mix of Buddhist as well as Hindu population, as opposed to contemporary Pakistan where Buddhism is practically extinct and Hindus and Sikhs now constitute around 2% of the population .

Qasim killed all able bodied men, destroyed temples and sculptures and carried away the women and children. In three days he slaughtered all the inhabitants of the port city.


April 23 - Childebert III King of the Franks


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