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Suggested date for the beginning of the reign of Eshbaal II over Tyre.


§Modern Kazakhstan

Earthworks in geometric shapes were created about this time. Turgai region of central Kazakhstan, in a sparsely populated area, the earthworks include 21 crosses, one square, four rings, and one swastika-like feature.


Man and Centaur, perhaps from Olympia, is made. It is now at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Age of colonization begins. Greeks establish colonies in Italy and Sicily.

First tyrants take their seats.

c. 750 BC — 700 BC — Funerary Vase (Krater), from the Dipylon Cemetery, Athens, is made. Attributed to the Hirschfield workshop. It is now at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


Ashur-nirari V king of Assyria


Alcmaeon Archon of Athens


Prakrits, vernacular or "natural" languages, develop among India's common peoples. Already flourishing in 500 bce , Pali and other Prakrits are chiefly known from Buddhist and Jain works composed at this time.

Priestly Sanskrit is gradually refined over next 500 years, taking on its classical form.


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