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§Eastern Asia


(Tengyō 9, 4th month): Suzaku abdicates, having ruled for 16 years. The emperor was succeeded by his younger brother, who would become Emperor Murakami.

May 31, 946 (Tengyō 9, 28th day of the 4th month): Shortly thereafter, Emperor Murakami, who was 21 years old, acceded to the throne (the sokui). Murakami's maternal uncle Fujiwara no Tadahira remained as the Sessho regent until 949.

§North Korea

Mount Paektu's "Millennium eruption" occurred around this time and its destruction was legendary. The 946 AD eruption is called the "Millennium eruption" or the "Tianchi eruption", and the earlier eruption is called the "Tianwenfeng eruption". This was one of the largest and most violent eruptions in the last 5000 years (alongside the Hatepe eruption of Lake Taupo at around 180 AD and the 1815 eruption of Tambora), with a Volcanic Explosivity Index rating of 7. The Millennium eruption has been recorded in the book of Koryo History.

"Thunders from the heaven drum" (likely the explosions from the Millennium eruption) were heard in the City of Kaesong, then the capital of ancient Korea about 450 km south of the Changbaishan volcano, which terrified the emperor so much that the convicts were pardoned and set free. According to the book of Heungboksa Temple History, on November 3 of the same year in the City of Nara (Japan), about 1100 km southeast from the Changbaishan volcano, an event of "white ash rain" was recorded.



Eadred I succeeds his brother as king of England

§Papal States

May 10 - Pope Agapitus succeeds Pope Marinus II as the 129th pope. He tries to put a stop to the "pornocracy."


May 26 - King Edmund I of England

Abu-Bakr Muhammad ben Yahya as-Suli

Tsuraguki, Japanese poet.


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